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North Bethesda,, MD


Thank You, for visiting my Fine Arts Galleries. My love of Art & photography has been a long journey from an early age to present. As a self taught Artist with a lot of years spent in the Graphic Arts, and Printing Industry of Washington, DC., I learned about light,texture, colors, type, and photography. Over the years I have owned or used almost every film and digital camera from professional 35 millimeter too medium format and large format cameras, shooting weddings, department store interiors and you named it. I was very lucky to be at the right place and at the right time when Nikon introduced a new camera which did not use film, but used a new format called Digital Film. I transitioned to the new Digital Age and began using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter II software, to create what I call Digital Creations. Weather its working with my hands putting paint on canvas or creating Digital Creations on the computer, I love putting my heart and soul into what I create. So please take a moment to browse my art and photography and feel free to comment on it. Thank you again for helping create my legacy.


Golden Harvest Painting by Don Wright


Iris illusion by Don Wright


Yellow Rose by Don Wright


Lavender Mist by Don Wright


Butterfly Pastel by Don Wright


Easter Parade by Don Wright


White Mirage by Don Wright


Mirage by Don Wright


Rainbow by Don Wright


Orchids by Don Wright


Passion by Don Wright


Bird of Paradice by Don Wright


Val d'lsere France by Don Wright


Blue Heron II by Don Wright


Sticky Wicket by Don Wright


Springtime by Don Wright


Centrifuge by Don Wright


Rhapsody Bouquet by Don Wright


Blue Grotto Painting by Don Wright


Kaleidoscope of Flowers by Don Wright


Sea Fans by Don Wright


Blue Heron by Don Wright


Blue Heron Painting III by Don Wright


White Rose by Don Wright


White Rose Painting by Don Wright